Recent publications

2019, 2020 and in press

Gamble, A., Weimerskirch, H. & Boulinier, T. 2020. Seabirds blinded by ticks. Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment (EcoPics), in press.

Gamble, A., Bazire, R., Delord, K., Barbraud, C., Jaeger, A., Gantelet, H., Thibault, E., Lebarbenchon, C., Lagadec, E., Tortosa, P., Weimerskirch, H., Thiebot, J.-B., Garnier, R., Tornos, J. & Boulinier, T. 2020 Predator and scavenger movements among and within endangered seabird colonies: opportunities for pathogen spread. Journal of Applied Ecology 57: 367-378.

Gamble, A., Garnier, R., Chambert, T., Gimenez, O. & Boulinier, T. 2019. Next generation serology: integrating cross-sectional and capture-recapture approaches to infer disease dynamics. Ecology 101: e02923.

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Ayadi, T., Hammouda, A., Beck, C., Boulinier, T., Lecollinet, S. & Selmi, S. 2019. Flaviviruses in migratory passerines during spring stopover in a desert oasis. Zoonoses and Public Health 66: 495-503.

Gamble A., Garnier R., Jaeger A., Thibault E., Gantelet H., Tortosa P., Bourret V., Thiebot J.-B., Delord K., Weimerskirch H., Tornos J., Barbraud C. & Boulinier T. 2019. Exposure of albatrosses to the avian cholera agent leads to a short-lived immune response: implications for disease surveillance and management. Oecologia 189: 939-949.

Gamble, A., Ramos, R., Rarra-Torres, Y., Mercier, A., Galal, L., Pearce-Duvet, J., Villena, I., Montalvo, T., González-Solís, J., Hammouda, A., Oro, D., Selmi, S. & Boulinier, T. 2019. Exposure of yellow-legged gulls to Toxoplasma gondii along the Western Mediterranean coasts: tales from a sentinel. International Journal of Parasitology: Parasites and Wildlife 8: 221-228.


Ponchon, A., Choquet, R., Tornos, J., McCoy, K.D., Tveraa, T. & Boulinier, T. 2018. Survival estimates strongly depend on capture-recapture designs in a disturbed environment inducing dispersal. Ecography 41: 2055-2066.

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Jaeger, A., Lebarbenchon, C., Bourret, V., Bastien, M., Lagadec, E., Thiebot, J.-B., Boulinier, T., Delord, K., Barbraud, C., Marteau, C., Dellagi, K., Tortosa, P. & Weimerskirch, H. 2018. Avian cholera outbreaks threaten seabird species on Amsterdam Island. PLOS One 13: e0197291.

Ayadi, T., Selmi, S., Hammouda, A., Reis, S., Boulinier, T. & Loiseau, C. 2018 Diversity, prevalence and host specificity of avian parasites in southern Tunisian oases. Parasitology, 145: 971-978.


Garnier, R., Ramos, R., Sanz-Aguilar, A., Poisbleau, M., Weimerskirch, H., Burthe, S., Tornos, J. & Boulinier, T. 2017. Interpreting ELISA analyses from wild animal samples: some recurrent issues and solutions. Functional Ecology 31: 2255–2262.

Ayadi, T., Hammouda, A., Poux, A., Boulinier, T., Lecollinet, S. & Selmi, S. 2017. Evidence of exposure of laughing doves (Spilopelia senegalensis) to West Nile and Usutu viruses in southern Tunisian oases. Epidemiology & Infection 145: 2808-2816.

Kada, S., McCoy, K.D. & Boulinier, T. 2017. Impact of life stage-dependent dispersal on the colonization dynamics of host patches by ticks and tick-borne infectious agents. Parasites and Vectors 10: 375.

Holveck, M.-J., Grégoire, A., Guerreiro, R., Staszewski, V., Boulinier, T., Gomez, D. & Doutrelant, C. 2017. Kittiwake eggs viewed by conspecifics and predators: implications for colour signal evolution. Biological Journal of the Linnean Society 122: 301-312.

Bogdanova, M.I., Butler, A., Wanless, S., Moe, B., Anker-Nilssen, T., Frederiksen, M., Boulinier, T.,  Chivers, L.S., Christensen-Dalsgaard, S., Descamps, S., Harris, M.P., Newell, M., Olsen, B., Phillips, R.A., Shaw, D., Steen, H., Strøm, H., Thórarinsson, T.L. & Daunt, F. 2017. Multi-colony tracking reveals spatio-temporal variation in carry-over effects between breeding success and winter movements in a pelagic seabird. Marine Ecology Progress Series 578: 167–181.

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