Recent publications

2023 and in press

Boulinier, T. 2023. Avian influenza spread and seabird movements between colonies. Trends in Ecology & Evolution, in press.

Kralj, J., Ponchon, A., Oro, D., Amadesi, B., Arizaga, J., Baccetti, N., Boulinier, T., Cecere, J.G., Corcoran, R.M., Corman, A.-M., Enners, L., Fleishman, A., Garthe, S., Grémillet, D., Harding, A., Igual, J.M., Jurinović, L., Kubetzki, U., Lyons, D.E., Orben, R., Paredes, R., Pirrello, S., Recorbet, B., Shaffer, S., Schwemmer, P., Serra, L., Spelt, A., Tavecchia, G., Tengeres, J., Tome, D., Williamson, C., Windsor, S., Young, H., Zenatello, M. & Fijn, R. 2023. Active breeding seabirds prospect alternative breeding colonies. Oecologia 201: 341–354.

Lamb, J., Tornos, J., Dedet, R., Gantelet, H., Keck, N., Baron, J., Bely, M., Clessin, A., Flechet, A., Gamble, A. & Boulinier, T. 2023. Hanging out at the club: breeding status and territoriality affect individual space use, multi-species overlap, and pathogen exposure at a seabird colony. Functional Ecology 37: 576-590.

McCoy, K.D., Toty, C., Dupraz, M., Tornos, J., Gamble, A., Garnier, R., Descamps, S. & Boulinier, T. 2023. Climate change in the Arctic: testing the poleward expansion of ticks and tick-borne diseases. Global Change Biology 29: 1729-1740.

Zhong, J., Medvecky, M., Tornos, J., Clessin, A., Gantelet, H., Gamble, A., Forde, T.L. & Boulinier, T. 2022. Genomic characterisation of a novel species of Erysipelothrix associated with mortalities among endangered seabirds. bioRxiv preprint.


Davies, T.E., (…) Boulinier, T., (…), Dias, M.P. 2022. Multi-species tracking reveals a major seabird hotspot in the North Atlantic. Conservation Letters e12824.


Ponchon, A., Gamble, A., Tornos, J., Delord, K., Barbraud, C., Travis, JMJ, Weimerskirch, H. & Boulinier, T. 2021. Similar at-sea behaviour but different habitat use between failed and successful breeding albatrosses. Marine Ecology Progress Series 678: 183–196.


Barbosa, A., Varsani, A., Morandini, V., Grimaldi, W., Vanstreels, R.E.T., Diaz, J.I., Boulinier, T., Dewar, M., González-Acuña, D., Gray, R., McMahon, C.R., Miller, G., Power, M., Gamble, A., Wille, M. 2020. Risk Assessment of SARS-CoV-2 in Antarctic Wildlife. Science of the Total Environment 143352.

Gamble, A., Weimerskirch, H. & Boulinier, T. 2020. Seabirds blinded by ticks. Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment (EcoPics) doi:10.1002/fee.2237.

Jaeger, A.*, Gamble, A.*, Lagadec, E.*, Lebarbenchon, C., Bourret, V., Tornos, J., Barbraud, C., Lemberger, K., Delord, K., Weimerskirch, H., Thiebot, J.-B., Boulinier, T. & Tortosa, P. 2020. Impact of annual bacterial epizootics on albatross population on a remote island. EcoHealth 17: 194-202. doi: 10.1007/s10393-020-01487-8

Gamble, A., Garnier, R., Chambert, T., Gimenez, O. & Boulinier, T. 2019. Next generation serology: integrating cross-sectional and capture-recapture approaches to infer disease dynamics. Ecology 101: e02923.

Gamble, A., Bazire, R., Delord, K., Barbraud, C., Jaeger, A., Gantelet, H., Thibault, E., Lebarbenchon, C., Lagadec, E., Tortosa, P., Weimerskirch, H., Thiebot, J.-B., Garnier, R., Tornos, J. & Boulinier, T. 2020. Predator and scavenger movements among and within endangered seabird colonies: opportunities for pathogen spread. Journal of Applied Ecology 57: 367-378.


Sanz-Aguilar, A., Payo-Payo, A., Rotger, A., Moutailler, S., Igual, J.M., Miranda, M.A., Torres, M., Picorelli, V., Gamble, A. & Boulinier, T. 2019. Infestation of small seabirds by Ornithodoros maritimus ticks: effects on chick body condition, reproduction and associated infectious agents. Tick and tick-borne diseases 11: 101281.

Ayadi, T., Hammouda, A., Beck, C., Boulinier, T., Lecollinet, S. & Selmi, S. 2019. Flaviviruses in migratory passerines during spring stopover in a desert oasis. Zoonoses and Public Health 66: 495-503.

Gamble, A., Garnier, R., Jaeger, A., Gantelet, H., Thibault, E., Tortosa, P., Bourret, V., Thiebot, J.-B., Delord, K., Weimerskirch, H., Tornos, J., Barbraud & Boulinier, T. 2019.  Exposure of breeding albatrosses to the agent of avian cholera: dynamics of antibody levels and ecological implications. Oecologia 189: 939-949.

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Ponchon, A., Choquet, R., Tornos, J., McCoy, K.D., Tveraa, T. & Boulinier, T. 2018. Survival estimates strongly depend on capture-recapture designs in a disturbed environment inducing dispersal. Ecography 41: 2055-2066.

Bourret, V., Gamble, A., Tornos, J., Jaeger, A., Delord, K., Barbraud, C., Tortosa, P., Kada, K., Thiebot, J.-B., Thibault, E., Gantelet, H., Weimerskirch, H., Garnier, R. & Boulinier T. 2018. Vaccination protects endangered albatross chicks against avian cholera. Conservation Letters 11: e12443.

Jaeger, A., Lebarbenchon, C., Bourret, V., Bastien, M., Lagadec, E., Thiebot, J.-B., Boulinier, T., Delord, K., Barbraud, C., Marteau, C., Dellagi, K., Tortosa, P. & Weimerskirch, H. 2018. Avian cholera outbreaks threaten seabird species on Amsterdam Island. PLOS One 13: e0197291.

Ayadi, T., Selmi, S., Hammouda, A., Reis, S., Boulinier, T. & Loiseau, C. 2018 Diversity, prevalence and host specificity of avian parasites in southern Tunisian oases. Parasitology, 145: 971-978.


Garnier, R., Ramos, R., Sanz-Aguilar, A., Poisbleau, M., Weimerskirch, H., Burthe, S., Tornos, J. & Boulinier, T. 2017. Interpreting ELISA analyses from wild animal samples: some recurrent issues and solutions. Functional Ecology 31: 2255–2262.

Ayadi, T., Hammouda, A., Poux, A., Boulinier, T., Lecollinet, S. & Selmi, S. 2017. Evidence of exposure of laughing doves (Spilopelia senegalensis) to West Nile and Usutu viruses in southern Tunisian oases. Epidemiology & Infection 145: 2808-2816.

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Ponchon, A., Iliszko, L., Grémillet, D., Tveraa, T. & Boulinier, T. 2017. Intense prospecting movements of failed breeders nesting in an unsuccessful breeding subcolony. Animal Behaviour 124:183-191.


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Husté, A. & Boulinier, T. 2011. Determinants of bird community composition on patches in the suburbs of Paris, France. Biological Conservation144: 243-252.

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